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About the Band





A band of suburban misfits from different parts of California, who have been surrounded by music since they were born into the world, had a dream that someday they will rule the world with their raw, powerful, heavy guitar, rock and roll sound. That's when The Prototypos was born.

The Prototypos is a melodic hard rock/metal band from Hawthorne, California formed in 2015 by Tristan Powell during his time as a high school student. The Prototypos started out as just your typical high school rock band playing covers of songs from legendary classic rock bands but now are seeking interest in taking their musical repertoire to the next level with original songs and variety of different styles of music. The band's style of music ranges from metal, hard rock, punk, classic rock, alternative, melodic rock, power pop, blues, country, surf music, sunshine pop, etc. The band's lyrics varies in different topics such as unrequited love, current events, aliens, the apocalypse, technology, love, hate, depression, happiness, and staying true to yourself. As a band themselves, they simply have a share and love for making music.


The Prototypos currently have two demos out now on their Soundcloud page.  


Stay tuned for shows, music announcements, and merchandise. Be sure to follow us on Facebook,Instagram, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Recent line-up L to R: Ryan McCarty (Guitar), Gio Leal (Bass), Tristan Powell (Guitar/Vocals), and Orion Leal (Drums)

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